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Litigation Support | Corporate Disputes | Family Law Disputes


We will unravel complicated transactions, reconstruct events from financial evidence, identify potential claims, and trace funds. Our experts identify the strengths and weaknesses of data, outline strategy, analyze document production and testimony, and prepare demonstrative exhibits for use in court.


Baumann Moreau provides expert witness testimony on complex commercial and civil litigation including commercial damages, eminent domain, high net-worth family law, dissenting shareholder disputes, and probate issues. Baumann Moreau consults with clients and counsel throughout all phases of litigation from discovery to trial. Baumann Moreau will aid in the cross-examination and rebuttal of opposing witnesses. Baumann Moreau will aid in the cross-examination and rebuttal of opposing witnesses


Baumann Moreau combines highly technical forensic accounting skills, investigative techniques, state-of-the-art forensic technology and tools, and vast industry knowledge. Our team of professionals assist clients and their legal counsel in investigating allegations of fraud, waste or abuse and whistleblower claims, as well as responding to shareholder or regulatory inquiry. Fraud is more prevalent, and our forensic specialists are trained to uncover such corporate crimes as embezzlement, money laundering, financial statement fraud, kickback schemes and tax scams.


We use our forensic accounting skills to analyze lifestyle for spousal support purposes, determine income available for child support, prepare Marital Balance Sheet, research dissipation of marital assets and identify income manipulation.


We specialize in medical and dental practices and facilities valuation, mergers and acquisitions, litigation and expert witness support, and corporate planning. Baumann Moreau has experience in many facets of asset valuation, producing quality reports and presentations tailored to the client. Report composition includes a detailed analsysis based on quality research available through a vastly high-tech business infrastructure.

Baumann Moreau products and services are certified and comply with ASA, USPAP, and AICPA Standards. Baumann Moreau products are of the highest quality and accuracy. Our reports and presentations and defensible in Federal, State, and Circuit Courts.

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