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Baumann Moreau's valuation reports provide insight into your business strategy, substantiate a position, and may protect your investment by illustrating earnings and tax consequences. Our clients use our reports for the pricing of incoming or outgoing shareholder interests, C Election to S Election conversions, charitable gifting, and Employee Stock Ownership Plans.


Baumann Moreau provides valuation services in support of federal reporting requirements. These Federal Reports may include FAS 141R/ASC 805 Business Combinations, FAS 142/ASC 350 Goodwill and Other Intangible Assets (Impairment Testing), FAS 123R/ASC 718 Share Based Payments and IRC 409A Non-qualified Deferred Compensation.


Baumann Moreau provides merger and acquisition consultation to some of the largest companies in the country. Included in the services we provide are: feasibility study to determine the total capital requirement and estimated expected returns; analysis of the cost of capital based upon your specific asset risk profile; economic and industry outlook regarding the potential absorption rates of your proposed product or service; negotiation of terms and conditions for sale or a joint venture; and Fairness Opinions based upon an assessment of the circumstances of an acquisition or merger. We specialize in healthcare, manufacturing, and real estate development.


Baumann Moreau has experience in many facets of asset valuation, producing quality reports and presentations tailored to the client. Report composition includes a detailed analsysis based on quality research available through a vastly high-tech business infrastructure. Baumann Moreau has access to many economic and financial resources that play a citical role in proper valuation.

Baumann Moreau products and services are certified and comply with ASA, USPAP, and AICPA Standards. Baumann Moreau products are of the highest quality and accuracy. Our reports and presentations and defensible in Federal, State, and Circuit Courts.

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